Selection of Air Pumps

The Pondmaster AP-Series air pumps have been designed to satisfy the requirements of a multitude of water related applications. All AP-Series air pumps operate on standard 110V electric with a 6 ft. power cord. For outdoor applications, it is recommended that the unit be enclosed to protect it from the elements.

Tom Aquarium Stellar Pumps, features Strong, long lasting diaphragms, plus silicone flappers. Designed for smooth and quiet operation. It Provides many years of dependable trouble-free use

AMETEK ROTRONĀ® line of regenerative blowers are designed based on the regenerative principle. Regenerative blowers are available in many configurations designed to meet specific applications.

Now if the power fails, your aquarium won't! Easy to install and use. Automatic back-up airpump system that can keep livestock alive. Battery power goes ON when AC electricity goes OFF # 20 in. airline tubing and air stone included
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