The Best Rotating Hydroponic Garden on the Market

The main Benefits of GI GROW:

This machine injects the exact required amount of liquid fertilizer in each cube. Major savings on fertilizer compared to other rotating machines or hydroponics systems.

No longer drain large quantities of used fertilizer each week (big savings)

No more saturated cubes that drown your plants.
Less humidity in your growing area = fewer diseases = fewer insect pests (for example, fruit flies) Because each tray is its own separate garden, this prevents the spread of disease.

The trays are made of ultra solid and sturdy stainless steel. Unlike plastic ones, these trays do not break and they do not release contaminants.

It is possible to upgrade from 144 to 240 or to 336 plants by purchasing an extra set of trays and accessories while using the same frame.

Due to the programmable clock, you will no longer slow the growth of your small plants by over watering them.

If you unrolled a hoop flat on the ground for a 336-plant rotating machine, your garden would measure 5' x 16'.
Therefore you can almost triple your square footage with fewer than half the number of light bulbs.

The minimum space required to cultivate 144 plants is 65"h x 32"w x 60"l.

The maximum space required to cultivate 336 plants is 73"h x 68"w x 73"l.

The light is not reflected, which means it is much more effective.

The rotation works with 430-watt metal halide bulbs, 600 and 1000-watt HPS.

The heat escapes through a glass tube that prevents the plants from becoming dehydrated and the ends of the leaves from becoming burned.

Flooding versus injection culture comparison

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